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Letter from GM

Dear valued customer,

If bottle closures, vial caps, and food cans are disposable items, so what makes them special for the packing industry? Well, when going about our affairs at SMC, we approach the matter differently. A hassle-free consumer experience of a closure or container of finished products is at the core of our business. It is deeply set in everything we do.

We live in a changing fast moving world. A wave of innovations and technology is radically transforming our economies, societies and lives. When SMC started as a manufacturer of metal caps and cans in 1994 for food and pharma industries, it was a product-focus business.The transactions centered on features and price, which missed the mark in the era to come. To thrive, a new management had to steer the company into new horizons.

Safe, tight, and stylish caps should add character to shelf products and boost the buying decision of end users. We made a promise.In 2002, we laid the foundations to live through the change. With a set of core values of trust, growth and innovation, we made the shift into total solutionexperience.We built lifetime relationships with suppliers, machine makers and, above all, our customers.

Despite the war that swept the country, our momentum persisted. Sharing the hard times with our staff and customers, we came out stronger and resilient. Our deep connection and strong bonds with customers helped us rebound. We carried along our expansion plans and brought the three product lines and printing facilities to full capacity in 2016. We have lived up to our promise.

You are welcome to our website to share our transformation journey.As you examine our range of offerings, we will be glad to get in touch for any special request or inquiry you may have.

Best regards

Mohamed Ali Jbairo
General Manager